FinOS – The Banking Suite

FinOS - The Banking Suite

FinOS is the most efficient Financial Inclusion Software. It comes with a rare combination of flexibility and sturdiness to support a whole range of business operations. FinOS is configurable, customizable, modular and built on a robust open source framework Mifos.
Widely used by

1. Small Banks

2. Non Banking Financial Institutions

3. Microfinance Institutions


The most secured 5 layer security architecture.
Easily configurable from customers end.
Highly scalable based on organisation growth.
Customisable based on customers requirements.

Why They Choose Us

“Best customer support. Fast, took care of all my issues, and went the extra miles for me. FinOS is very good and versatile.”

“Really great software, many advanced features and options. FinOS Support is 100%. Great customer support and assistance. I highly recommend it.”

“Beautiful software with lots of features. I haven’t experienced any kinds of errors or bugs at all. Works perfectly fine on all browsers and works great on devices.”

“The customer support was amazing. Their help was quick and gave me very clear instructions to follow. Incredible FinOS. Thumb up!”

“Amazing fast and reliable customer support! The team of developers are willing to go an extra mile for customer service! Thanks!”

“Excellent support, fast and very didactic answers. The FinOS meets our expectations, especially in the pricing for a startup like us.”

Key Features

Core Banking System
Loan Origination System
Loan Management System
Accounting Management System
Reporting Management System
Collection Management System
Organisational Management System
Dashboard and Mobility Management System
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